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Are you an Independant Telephone Company looking for a fresh new design for your next directory? Madhaus Creative Services has taken the concept of directory design to a whole new level. We know the importance of public perception and the role it plays with your directory. Our designers have the experience and proven ability that comes from designing several hundred directory covers over the past five years. We can create truly individual covers with telling custom touches, or simple yet elegant designs that reflect your civic pride. Whatever your needs, we have the power to astonish you.

We can also design custom civic pages that integrate both quality design and important information. We carefully assemble the information and graphics and lay bare concepts that are visually appealling as well as informative. Whether your section is four color or simply black and white, Madhaus Creative Services will produce results.

Our founder Derek Greenwood will personally oversee your project and assure that it is of the highest quality available. Derek has five years experience designing for both small and large telecommunication companies while he was employed with Consolidated Communication Directories, a legend in the independant publishing industry.

You've undoubtably seen his work. He has hundreds of covers under his belt, and has designed for large companies such as TXU, Grand River Mutual, and smaller telcos such as Glassford Telephone Company, and Gallatin River Communications.

Derek carries over the traits that were expected and delivered by CCD into our business. You will receive personal treatment, with courtesy, respect, and professionalism.

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