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FAQ. Below you will find frequently asked questions about Madhaus Creative Services, as well as graphic design, advertising, and creative services offered by us.
What is Graphic Design?
Graphic Design is a form of visual communication which extends beyond the realm of esthetics. In addition to the artistic element, it balances considerations such as functionality, ergonomics, cost, psychological representation, and ethical relevance. The complexities of graphic design extend into multiple areas of study such as the economic, psychological and scientific disciplines. As it is a profession with room for both the scholar and the uneducated, with its complexity lying in the amount of effort one wishes to invest.

Why would I need to use a design studio in the first place?
Because graphic communication is the single most effective way to promote your business. Graphic image building, the consistent use of a group of representative images, can be created to symbolize your company where it interacts with its' market. We at Madhaus Creative Services specialize in creating and maintaining images which will help put you at the top of your market. At Madhaus, we can create an entire promotion program or work with you on any part that you need.

What benefits can I gain by using Madhaus instead of an advertising agency?
Our vast experience and small size allows us the freedom to devote more time to your account by replacing the red-tape of larger design firms with close personal service. This personal service equates to fewer communication problems, thus saving you money without sacrificing quality. We can take complete responsibility from concept, through production and printing. And you may be amazed at how far even a small budget can go towards producing professional matter.

How much is this going to cost me?
That depends. In design, there are many subtleties that can factor into the cost of a particular project. Because each is unique, all of our projects are individually quoted. Our small size however, does give us the flexibility to work with you and to discuss ways in which our services will fit into your budget.

Aren't you that guy who carved the Grand Canyon with his axe?
No. That was Paul Bunyan.

What types of services does Madhaus provide?

* Logos
* Flyers
* Brochures
* Catalogs
* Magazines
* Posters
* Newsletters
* Invitations
* Certificates
* Direct Mailers
* Business Stationery
* Billboards
* Illustration
* Web Pages
* Advertising
* Packaging
* Promotional Materials
* Signage
* Digital Imaging
* Press Releases
* Creative Consulting
* Corporate Coordination
* Environmental Graphics
* The List Goes On & On...

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