VLAD Construction: The Skull, Tail and Legs


The Skull
To make the skull for VLAD, I followed the same method described in my tutorial for "Cheap Skulls." Instead of rehashing the same thing, please read it here before going on with this project.

At this point, I am assuming that you have already constructed a skull. The next steps add small touches that transform a regular glue skull into a demon bat head!

Step 1:

To create the teeth, wrap a piece of paper over the jaw of the skull. Make a pencil mark on either side so that you will know how wide to make the teeth. Lay the paper flat on the table and cover it with hot glue. Allow it to dry, and then use a hobby knife to cut the teeth shape from one pencil marking to the other.

Step 2:

Place the teeth INSIDE of the upper jaw and trim to fit.

Step 3:

Hot-glue the teeth into place when satisfied with their positioning. You can use the hot glue to add details to the teeth or to give the appearance of a gum line.

Repeat this procedure to create the teeth for the bottom jaw. Once finished, attach the bottom jar onto the skull with hot glue.

Step 4:

Construct a set of ears out of aluminum foil and glue them onto the skull. Cover them in hot glue and allow them to dry. A detailed photo of the glued ears is shown below.

Step 5:

Because the skull is hollow, use several glue sticks across the span of the skull to give it extra support. Glue the sticks heavily to the inside of the jaw. This support must be strong as it will be attached to the neck in a later step.

Step 6:

The Tail:

Using a heavy gauge wire, form the shape of the legs and the tail. Cover them in aluminum foil and apply a layer of hot glue to build the skin. Allow to dry..

Step 7:

Apply a light coat of hot glue to the foil until it is completely covered, just as you did with the skull. I also made a flat "spade" shape to attach to the end of the tail.

Step 8:

The Legs:

The legs are essentially the same as the tail, only I made them about 3/4 as long.

Step 9:

The Feet: The claws of the feet are identical to the ones for the wings. Refer to step 3 for construction information.

You should now have all of the pieces shown below.


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