The following images are the raw photographs shot by my friend Lisa. Because the final image was to be so heavily manipulated, she shot Courtney on a plain white and/or black background. As you can see, we went through a few outfits since there were several different artistic directions that I had thought of following.

The yellow dress was worn because of one possible direction that I had. It was to represent the vanishing hitchhiker known as "Resurrection Mary", an Illinois urban legend.

The second, and incidentally the concept that I used was that of a vampire. Courtney slipped into the costume and played the character fine.

The final outfit wasn't planned. Courtney had changed back into her jeans to leave and Lisa and I had a last minute idea to wrap her arms with bandages. So she posed in her everyday wear.

The following shots are ones where Lisa messed with the originals to create studio shots. While they didn't fit in with the Halloween motif, they are super cool, so I am including them. Be sure and check out some of her work at her studio's site: Photoworx Studio

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