The Dramatic Invitation!

The Invitations this year were more generic than last year's as far as the information. Since Fright Fest 2005 is not based upon a game, but rather on a masquerade ball, I was able to focus more on the visual elements this year. This years invitation was 2 sided, full color with bleeds. It was printed on a heavy commercial-grade card stock with a laser printer and then hand trimmed for size.

For all of the work that I put into designing it, the card would not have been possible without the help of my friends Lisa and Courtney. Together, these two women are the driving force behind Photoworx Studio, a professional photography studio located in central Illinois. Lisa shot these kick-ass shots and Courtney was the model vampire for them. If you'd like, you can see some of the original, unaltered pictures from the photoshoot by clicking here.

The front of the card announces the party and informs the guests that it will be a costumed dance this year. I had to modify Courtney extensively in this shot. Modified or coposited areas include: Colored her dress, removed left arm, added fangs, gave her "vampire eyeballs", darkened hair and facial features, a constructed a composite background from 3 separate images.

The formal but eerie font is called Porcelain, a free download from

The back of the invitation contains all of the pertinent information about the party such as date, time location, etc, as well as what to expect. I wanted to make this side a little scarier, so I used the screaming vampire image and overlaid some distressed "rune" looking font called Elvish Ring that was a free download from

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