This year we tried something a little different for Fright Fest. Since my daughter is getting older, and her friends are becoming increasingly more disbelieving of our props, I thought it was time to try something new for a change. The concept for this year didn't come to me until late August, and once I had it developed, I had to work franticly in order to make the necessary preparations in time. I thought that since the kids were getting older, it might be neat to involve them in a puzzle solving game instead of the same old boring party games. This game is designed for kids around the ages of 10-12, but could easily be modified to suit kids of higher or lower age groups by either simplifying or making more complex clues.

I had heard of the murder-mystery games that you can purchase online and thought that this was the solution that i was looking for. unfortuanately, these games had two major drawbacks, they cost money, and they require the children to assume the role of a character. I wanted something that allowed the kids to be themselves, but interact with the plotline as if they were in a movie. I wanted to make it scary, but not gorey. I wanted something chilling, something that would make them shake in nervous anticipation of what may (or may not) come, and I found the perfect way to do it.......

Note: All aspects of this game are completely original and free for you to use for your own party. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me. You can use any of the plot lines, story, characters, etc. All that I ask is that you please refrain from copying my invitation, since it has photos which are not in the public domain. Oh, yeah, all of this is provided free, so don't try and package this commercially. If I find out that you are trying to make a profit off of this, I will sue the living crap outta' you.

Fellow haunters and hosters; Enjoy!

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