This story sets up the events which will lead up to the mystery of the Ghost Who Will Not Sleep.

Once the party had started, we explained to the guests that the house had always been haunted by a member of the original owners of the house. We would see her spirit floating down the hall, walking around the house, yard and basement. She had always been here and we knew that her name was Rubella because we found pieces of her diary down in the basement when we moved in. Since we knew her name, we weren't afraid of her and would just let her spirit roam the house and yard. She never bothered us and we actually started to grow fond of her, until a few weeks ago...........

Something has caused Rubella to become mad at us, but we don't know why. The once sweet ghost was now haunting the house and playing mean, scary trick on the family like slamming cabinets, throwing thinks and making horrible noises. (note: the entire time of the party, I had a Halloween cd looped in a cd player down in the basement. The speakers were placed up high, within a few inches of our duct work. This allowed the scary noises to seem to come from "everywhere" in the house, but could only be heard if the kids listened.)

The story went on as follows: Scared of the new ferocity of our resident ghost, we contacted a psychic who came to the house and confronted Rubella. The psychic told us that Rubella and her entire family was buried in the cemetery behind our house and that another ghost, a nasty hateful one had moved into Rubella's grave while she was out walking around. Now the mean ghost refuses to leave, forcing Rubella to walk around aimlessly since she has no where to sleep. This sleepless Rubella is getting awfully cranky and is throwing fits. That’s why she has been acting so mean lately. She only wants to rest.

We then explain to the guests that it is their job to help us get rid of this angry ghost who is living in Rubella's grave. We showed them a potion that the psychic gave us to pour on the grave to be rid of the ghost. But the trick is finding which grave to pour it on. The psychic warned us to be careful. if we poured the potion on the wrong grave, then we would have TWO angry ghosts in our house instead of just one! So we have to be careful that we pour the potion on the correct grave. Rubella's grave.

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