This page explains the more complicated props that should be used for the mystery party. They aren't hard to make and are reasonably inexpensive to create. The major drawback is time. While not difficult, these projects are very time consuming. If you know in advance that you are going to host this mystery party, I would advise you to begin working on these a minimum of one month prior to the party.

Don't get me wrong, these props do not take a month to make. I created all of them in about a week with little help from anyone else. But if you don't want all of your evenings and weekends eaten up for an entire week, I would recommend starting early and working on them over an extended period of time. Simply for you own mental health.

Construcion methods for these props are not given on this page. After examining what the tombstones should look like, you can go here to view detailed construction methods. The accompanying text is the story contained within Rubella's diary page for each specific tombstone.
Angelica Hackinlots

Angel of Mercy - Older Sister to Rubella

May 1st, 1886

What an exciting day! We were returning home from school and running through the fields. Those boys like Mark and Joseph Ember sure learned their lesson today. All three of us girls can run like the wind, especially Ann! Even though she is younger than Angelica and is always carrying her rag doll, she can pass us up like a deer in the thicket. I swear that girl is part squirrel.

The most amazing thing happened as we passed over the Spoon Creek bridge. Angelica heard a faint cry and turned to look for its cause. I didn't hear it and told her that it was probably just a wounded rabbit calling for its mother, but you know Angelica! Even though she's as stubborn as a mule, she
has an angel's heart of gold though, and wanted to help the poor beast. The cry rang out again and we immediately realized that it was no rabbit. It was the voice of a little girl.

All three of us ran and looked over the side of the bridge and saw a terrible sight. There was a young child, no more than four winters old struggling to stay afloat in the water!! Angelica dropped her books and dove in from the bridge without even thinking and grabbed the little girl. We got her to shore and found out she had been playing on the creek bank alone and had fallen in.

When we took her home, the girl's parents were ever so grateful. Her mom even baked us a nice apple pie, just for us three girls. The little girls parents said that Angelica was their guardian angel.

Ann Hackinlot

Younger Sister of Rubella

July 9th, 1887

Me and Ann went out picking Daisies today. We got a whole lot of them and made a huge bouquet for Ma. Ann threw a fit when she lost her doll in the field. She is so attached to that toy that I don't think she will ever give it up. She'd left the darn thing in the middle of the field and the whole family had to go out and look for it.

It was like looking for a needle in a haystack! Angelica eventually found it next to an old bush. I don't know what would have happened if we hadn't found that old doll!

Anna Conda Hackinlots

Snake Charmer - Sister to Rubella

August 15th, 1886

She's Back! My sister Anna Conda returned from the traveling circus today. She had been gone for so long that I barely remember her. Bernard said that she and him were playing near the creek when he kicked her and she pushed him in. He was as rattled as a rattlesnake's tail and ran home to tell Ma what she had done.

Anna Conda was severely punished, and had to do all of bernard's chores for a whole week. She was spittin' mad and decided to run away with the circus.
She wasn't strong enough to put up the tents or help in the stables, so they put her to work with the snake charmer. After a few years, she got really good at handling those slimey old snakes, and takes them with her wherever she goes. She even brought them with her today, but Pa insisted that she should keep them in the barn.

Bernard Hackinlots

Dog Trainer - Brother to Rubella

January 3rd, 1892

I had a really fun day today. Bernard showed Ann, Angelica and I the new tricks that he taught his dogs. It was really funny to see them beg for the biscuits that he had hidden in his palm. Although he teaches the dogs fancy tricks like that, he really trains them to hunt raccoons. Bernard says that he has the best hunting dogs in the world. Sometimes he sells them too.

One time he got paid four whole dollars for a single dog! He has one dog, Fido, that he'll never sell though. He got him when he was just a pup and they literally grew up together.

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