In order for the game to work properly there must be several props either made or purchased in order for the sequence of events to flow properly. Some props are readily made in a matter of minutes, while other make take considerable amounts of time to construct.

Lets start with the easiest props and work our way toward the complex ones.
The Amulets

The amulets are an essential part of the storyline because one amulet should be placed on a grave in order for the children to "mark" the grave as a family members. If a child is looking for Anna Conda's grave and finds it, they would place the amulet on the stone. This way, the next group of children will know that the stone with the amulet has already been ruled out. Through a process of elimination (using the amulets), the children will eventually rule out all but one grave: Rubella's.

We found these "amulets" in a resale shop and purchased them for seventy-five cents each. This worked out great because we didn't have to spend too much money, or any extra time making any of them. The holographic eye was just what was needed to convey a spectral feel. After the mystery was solved, each child was awarded one "amulet" keychain from a grave.
Little Anna's Doll

This doll is an important part of the storyline as it is the identifying feature that marks the grave of Rubella's younger sister Anna.

We bought this cheap little doll at obe of those "Everything is a dollar" stores. It was a small crappy little thing i painted the face up to look a little more "Halloweenie" and topped it off with some glow in the dark paint to give it a little bit of luminosity.

This is the potion that the children will pour over Rubella's grave in order to rid it of the evil ghost. Its mystical nature can be seen because of the magical glow which eminates from it.

The hardest part of this prop is finding a suitable container for it. We purchased this cool looking bottle (along with some others) at a resale shop for about a dollar.

The potion glows brightly when seen under blacklight. I got this idea from a cousin of mine who said that she and her roomates used to put colored alcohol bottles under blacklight in college. The secret is the mixture. Nope, its not food coloring. Trust me, no ampount of food coloring could produce a glow like this. Its freakin' amazing. I couldn't even capture its brillince with the digital camera. The secret ingredients are water and the spongy insides of a yellow highlighter. Thats it. Just bust open a highlighter, drop the sponge in the water and wait. After all of the ink has leaked out just fish out the sponge and throw it away. Cork the bottle and you are finished.
Diary Pages

The diary pages are the most important props in the game. If you don't have these, then you can't play. Fortuanately for you, I have all of the text ready to be copied and pasted into your layout program. Geez.....I did all of the hard work for you. Click here to go to the text.

The secret to making these look cool is to use paper other than your run-of-the-mill copy paper. I bought a pad of newsprint at Wal-mart, printed the text, then trimmed the pages to the size that I wanted. To make them look old I did several things. Some were wrinkled, set on fire, torn, scrubbed with wet coffee grounds, and stained with brown shoe polish.
Okay. Now that you have seen all of the easy work, lets move on to the more complicted props!

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