The front of the invitations were designed to replicate the old horror comics that i remembered as a kid. I always loved the old gory, spooky stories that came out of the EC publishing and the copycat books that Marvel and DC put out. So the invitation was designed to pay homage to those great sppoky books of yesteryear. I doubt that a single kid "got' the theme, but maybe a parent or two noticed the resemblance to our childhood comics.

I wanted the front of the invitation to really convey the sense of creepiness that i hoped to interject throughout the party. The Blurb both sets the mood and the theme for the party. The invitees should understand what the party is about after they read the front. I wish I could claim the art on thi side, but it was found by doing a search on the net. I'm not sure who the artist/photographer is, but I absolutely love the work.

The back of the information provided a more detailed account of the storyline and what the kids should expect from the party. Hopefully they understood that this wasn't going to be the typical costume party that they may have been used to. The instructions also explain why each participant was given a diary page, and contain a note to the parents stating that the kids will sometimes be outdoors and that the "pre-party movie" will be rated PG-13.

If you want to create your own invitations based upon my own, I have placed the text for both sides that you can just copy and paste into your own layout software. the text appears below the images.

Front Text:


Subhead: Who among you has the nerve to help unravel the mystery of the "Ghost Who Will Not Sleep?"

A Halloween mystery Hosted By (insert name here). Come in costume.... if you dare.

Back Text:


Body Copy:

Its an all girl party this year, so get into your costume and come help us solve the mystery of the Ghost who will not sleep! You'll Play games, solve puzzles and hunt for clues as you become a team of ghost-busting girls.

Rubella Hackinlots was always a friendly ghost. We would often see her floating in our basement, or wandering through the yard. but something has changed! Another ghost, an evil one, has moved into Rubella's grave. Now poor rubella has nowhere to sleep! And a tired ghost is an angry ghost!!!!

Please come and help us return Rubella to her grave so that she can finally get some rest!

Be sure to read and remember to bring the page from rubella's diary, as it may contain the clue to solving the mystery!!!

Parents: Some of the spooky activities will be held outdoors. Please send a coat or jacket with your child. also, the movies that the girls will be watching before the party will be rated PG or PG-13.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at (insert phone number)

When: _________________________________________________

The mystery party: ________________________________

Pre-party Movies start at: ___________________

Where: (Insert address here)

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