The game called "The Ghost Who Would Not Sleep" is a Clue-like live action game that I developed for my daughters party. The following paragraphs describe how we ran the game and has links displaying props and other important details that give visual support to the text. If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to email me. I will try and get back with you as soon as I can with an answer to your questions.

A detailed storyline of the game can be read here. The following is a brief summary of the game objective:

Story Summary:

Our house had always been haunted by a ghost from the cemetery in our back yard. The ghost never bothered us until a few weeks ago when another ghost, an evil one, began sleeping in her grave while the good ghost was out. Now the good ghost cannot return to her grave to rest and has become very, very cranky. When you are ready to read a more in-depth plot, a detailed storyline of the game can be read here.

Game synopsis:

Each guest is give a diary page with the party invitation.

Each of the diary pages contains a story that reveals information regarding one or more of Rubella's family. The information is then used to help the guests discover and mark the graves of each individual family member.

Each of the tombstones are designed to correlate with the characteristics of the family member. For instance, Melody, the musician, has a musical note on her tombstone.

Each guest reads the diary page out loud for the other guests to hear. Then they are given an Amulet (used to mark the graves), a cheap old flashlight (with the lens painted red) and a walkie talkie. They were then instructed to walk into the "graveyard" in our back yard and place the Amulet on the grave of the family member that was described in their diary page. The other walkie-talkie was left inside with the other guest, just in case they needed help with the clues, or became scared.

Since some of our guests were absolutely terrified of going out there alone, I accompanied them, but did not aid them in locating the grave.

Once the grave is marked, the guest returns to the party and the next person begins reading their diary page. This process continues until only a single gravestone remains, Rubella's. By process of elimination, the guest will have discovered the grave that the evil ghost has been inhabiting.

At this point, the guests are given a "potion" to pour over Rubella's tombstone that will force the evil ghost to leave, thus allowing poor Rubella to sleep once again.

Here is the point where you can really scare them, or just congratulate them on a job well done. In our case, we decided to terrify them. As soon as the potion was poured, I questioned whether the ghost had left. I told the girls to yell at the evil ghost and tell him to get out of the yard. They did, and at that point the two grim reapers that had been standing at the back of the yard sprung to life and ran past the girls and around the house, shrieking the entire way.

After the guests composed themselves again, we removed the holographic Amulets and gave one to each guest as a souvenir.

Perhaps the scariest part for the children were the two large grim reapers standing at the edge of the "cemetery." The grim reapers were actually my brothers, who agreed to help out for the night. If a girl was scared, I reassured her that they were only scarecrows and even offered to let the kids go up and see. Needless to say, not one of them opted to do this. I told my brothers that they were to remain completely still while the girls were outside. Eventually, all of the guests had became convinced that they were not real. There was one time that one of my brothers turned his head to watch one of the guests, and she noticed that he was looking in a different direction. I assured her that it was impossible and even walked over to him and patted his chest to show her that he was just a "dummy". She was a bit unnerved, but believed me.

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