This is one seriously creepy prop, especially if it is set out of the viewers reach. We had it displayed with out "head in a jar" prop and it made a pretty disturbing impact with our visitors.

Material List:

This project only requires two elements. A clear plastic tube, and a color printount of the digital file provided below.

I purchased the clear tube used for this project at my local home improvement store for about $2. You will probably find them in the storage section, as they are made to store nuts and bolts and junk.

Step 1:

Remove the sticker on the outside of the tube.

Step 2:

Printout the digital file of the eyeballs using this link. The art was made from cloning together some photos of "eyeball gum-balls" using adobe photoshop.

Step 3:

Roll the printout into the shape of the tube and insert it.

Note: You may want to put a small strip of tape on the inside to hold it tight, or you might even fill the center with some paper wads to help it hold its shape.

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