Step 6:

Pry apart the sliced areas of the skull. At this point, the glue should be fairly flexible and should peel off of the original skull without too much difficulty. Sometimes the eye sockets tend to hang up more than the other areas, so you might have to squeeze that area to loosen it up a bit.

Step 7:

Reach inside of the new skull and peel away any excess aluminum oil. You may also want to take your X-acto Knife and trim any edges where the foil is still hanging.

Step 8:

Now its time to glue the cut that you made in Step 5. Using your glue gun, run a light bead of hot glue on one edge of the cut and hold them together until the glue hardens. Once it holds together, I always run another bead in a criss-cross pattern on the inside of the skull to give it extra support.

Step 9:

Next, you need to examine the outside of the skull for holes are areas that still show aluminum foil. Quickly patch these areas with a small drip from the glue gun. By now, you should be at the end of your Rocky Horor Picture Show Soundtrack, so you will need to start it over.

You skull is finished. Now it is time to paint it. Continue to page three for a painting tutorial.

Optional Step:

It just so happened that the width of the smaller skulls were the approximate length of a glue stick. So for extra support, I glued the stick to each end or the insides to give it some more structural support. This isn’t really necessary, but what the hell, right?