Welcome to my page o' Halloween Links!

The following links are a collection of things that I have run across in the past few years while researching things for our annual Halloween party. I hope this list can help you in your search for spooky material.

Haunting Links: If you are hosting a party or like to make your own decorations, then this section is for you!

Mark Butler's Monster Page of Halloween Links: This is the Mac Daddy of all Halloween links pages. It is overflowing with do-it-yourself projects for all skill levels. This is one site that every haunter alive should have permanently bookmarked.

HAuNTcon: The only nation wide retail oriented trade show and convention for the Haunted Attraction and Halloween industries put on by Haunters for Haunters. Each year the convention moves to a new city, with local Haunt tours and Haunter Education the foundation of the event!

Deathfest: This haunted exposition was the very first internet based home haunt enthusiast convention in the US.

Haunted House Magazine: This is the magazine you can't be without, as it takes you inside the haunted house industry with the biggest professionals in the business

Imagineerieing: An entire spooky play, complete with video and a bunch of other related "how-to" articles.

Haunting Scripts: A bunch of really cool radio and haunting scripts.

Graphic Links: Constructing your own scary website? Well don't steal my graphics dammit! Take a look at all of these sites that offer free graphics for you to steal!

Caverns of Blood: a cool site with lots of gif animations and stuff. Some of the animations on my site were taken from here.

General Halloween Stuff: All of the standard halloween stuff that you either probably already know, or don't really care about.

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